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Aquathin are suppliers of reverse osmosis systems and water filters.

Pure water is essential for the health of every single person. When it comes water purification companies, nobody does it better than Aquathin. We supply some of the most advanced RO water and home purification systems as well as domestic water filters. Aquathin water purification products are designed by Aquathin Corporation based in Florida, USA. They are manufactured to the highest quality standard and require minimum amount of maintenance whilst providing the purest water.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients with the highest calibre drinking water purification systems to ensure that pure water is readily available at all times. We have all experienced one of those times when the thirst that you experience can only be quenched by a nice glass of water and here at Aquathin South Africa, our goal is to ensure that when that time comes, you can trust that the water that you are drinking is clean and safe.

Drinking water purification has never been simpler with RO water systems.

Customer satisfaction is a very important factor to us as a thriving company. We are in constant pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction in all the services and products that we supply to you as our valued customer. For this reason, we are constantly improving on the on our delivery services and products to consistently offer you the best water purification plants on the market.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries that you may have regarding any of the products and services that we have on offer to you. We look forward to hearing from you and presenting you with some of the best reverse osmosis water treatment solutions. Our product range also includes domestic water filters and portable water purification systems.

Being the sole importers and distributor in Southern Africa, we are able to offer larger purification systems that would be able to cope with the demand for corporate and industrial use, please email us for a free quote. Installing an Aquathin product in your home or office will ensure that you have the purest water in all of South Africa, we offer you an after sales service to be matched by no other. Our friendly technicians will drive out to your premises to install, maintain and replace water filters at your convenience. Aquathin South Africa is the right place for you.

Aquathin Telephone Number+27 11 467 2746

Aquathin Fax Number+27 86 694 6091

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Aquathin AddressP.O. Box 2622 Rivonia 2128

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